To Coconuts And Limes

To Coconuts And Limes

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Liner Notes: 

some wind came by and got distorted


i may as well meander
to your spot
write a tune
smoke some pot

the night ignites
our sacred thoughts
the day unites
and makes them hot

left & right
we float through time
and back again
to coconuts & limes

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Jazz-hop is a great tag for this. The beat of the drums with the instrumentation and that weird distorted lead guitar is just COOL. I love the feel and style of this song.

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yeah this just feels so right.........bass sounds great! loving that poor overworked guitar/amp in that tone...I hope its at least getting union pay! haha

great tune! had a discussion once about how nature has no melodies that aren't just repetitive, nonsense, i know......... that guy had never listened..........great job wind!