Man in a Can

Man in a Can

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Liner Notes: 

Val played percussion and accordion and sang beautifully. Love it!


A man in a can had a plan
to get out of the can
He said, "I can
if I really want to and
I will not say I cannot
cos I can."

What was his plan?
It was simpler than
the simplest plan
The man planned
to get his hands
on a can
opener and
slice his way out
(he planned to slice his way out)

The problem was that the can
opener refused to help the man
cos it was a supercilious sort
and suffering from all sorts
of ailments
but it the end
they worked it out
cos the man promised to oil up
the can opener once he got out
and stop it squeaking
and get it back working
at top efficiency

The man in a can
(does what he can)
The man in a can
(to get out of the can)
The man in a can
(with his simple plan)
The man in a can
(to get out of the can)

So the can opener got him out
but on the way out
the door
to the hardware store
the man got crushed
by a runaway truck
- bad luck - a runaway truck
it was bad luck

it was carrying
cans of soda
and so the
can opener
never did get its grease

The man in a can
(does what he can)
The man in a can
(to get out of the can)
The man in a can
(with his simple plan)
The man in a can
(to get out of the can)

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A beautiful duet. With lyrics that sound like they were written by Dr Seuss on acid. What's not to like?

Seriously, folks, this is sublime. The harmony section where @Heid shows what she can do is fabulous. The delivery takes everything perfectly seriously, which is only right. And it lilts and floats and takes me to a happy place (even if the man in the can wasn't so lucky.) Superb. Right down to that cheeky last chord on the accordion.

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so happy to get my computer working again, if only to hear this fabulous song, easily my favorite of yours. the repetition in the lyrics makes us feel the despair in the effort of the man to get out of the can, and Val's vocals not only blend perfectly with yours, but add a depth and richness that makes the music sound like it is floating in jello.

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And the story continues, it's like a surrealistic painting coming to life!... I loved that change at 2:06, bass drum included. Bad luck can be cruel Many bonus points for the whooo hoooo hoooo haaa haaa haaa'.s Accordion is really fitting as well.

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What a great collab/duet!!! excellent work you two! I thoroughly enjoyed this! and a great story of teamwork gone horribly awry Wink and now we know what caused the can opener revolt against mankind Biggrin

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Another fabulous collaboration from you two! I absolutely love the quirky, surreal lyrics, as well as the way your vocals play against each other. It's a treat when the accordion and percussion come in around the 2-minute mark, and the harmonies at the end are gorgeous. A favorite!