Feeling Late September

Feeling Late September

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Liner Notes: 

Why? Because I am! This draft is a bit messy toward the end, I'll need to re-edit the string segment. Later!

This is actually my last 5090 song, recorded just before the midnight Sep 30 deadline (my local time)

Piano and string pads courtesy Garritan Personal and Instant Orchestras. Music by & Copyright 2020 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS



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Very nice and relaxing to listen to. I could picture this being played looking out the window on a late September, early autumn day. Maybe some trees, blowing leaves, a little sunshine, passing clouds. Stimulates the imagination .

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I love the mood of melancholy reflection ... very beautiful. The change at :53 really got me! The overall feel reminded me of "Introduction" by Nick Drake.

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That 1:10 section is magic to me. In a tavern... or a cafeteria. Just stopping there for a bite. Wondering what the road will be like. What wonders are ahead. Nothing tying you down, nothing worrying. Just enjoying this small diner for a few minutes, before you can't wait to get back on the road. That's how it's like, isn't it? Always looking forward to something, too preoccupied to enjoy the moment. But maybe not always. While on the road, just notice that one thing that looks completely ordinary. Not taken for granted. Just enjoying the journey as it unravels.

These instrumentals of yours are my comfort music.