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Liner Notes: 

This was 'that piece' which sat in the background the entire time, and reached demo status here at the end.


sooner born sooner bred
when i die i'll be sooner dead
cuz i'm non-stop
never stop

look all them mini skirts
drawing curves into the flirt
that bomb it be dropping down
targeting without a sound

but i'm non-stop
never stop
always moving
just can't stop

all that fighting in the streets
is it easy to be free
pushing and shoving around
what kind of peace is ever found

look at me i'm non-stop
take it back up to the top
candy coated martian hop
pancake syrup it will sop

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Hey, it made it out just in time! I've got one of those too, but I didn't do the lyrics justice in the end. This one bubbles and then rocks, and I think it's done the lyrics justice!. But what a rocker!

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I get where you're coming from with this; there are enough ideas, licks and flourishes in here for a good half-dozen songs without any trouble at all. I had to listen to this a couple of times just to get an idea of everything that's going on. I'd really like to hear a development of that relentless tank of a main riff dropped into a more traditional song structure, with that "never, never, never stop" repeated as the hook (because it's a killer).

Production-wise I think this is quite possibly the loudest song I've heard all year. And that's saying something. Bravo!