This Graveyard

This Graveyard

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Liner Notes: 

I was picturing two cemeteries - one in Ohio, one in West Virginia - when I wrote this. As a kid, I was sort of spooked by them, but intrigued, too.


I whistled past this graveyard on my way to the playground
Now I’m in this graveyard funny how things come around

The school bus passed this graveyard and the kids, their breath they’d hold
Now I’m in this graveyard this little kid got old

Train tracks by this graveyard now an overgrown memory
I’m down here in this graveyard and that train’s a ghost like me

Summers in this graveyard kids used to come here to drink beer
Now I’m in this graveyard don’t know how long I been here

I whistled past this graveyard when I was just a kid
Now I’m in this graveyard just another thing I did

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Great idea! I personally love graveyards and have even watched fireworks from one for years. Catchy!

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Those last two tags don't often appear next to each other, so I was already in love with this song before I clicked on "play". The switch in imagery so that it's the things *outside* the graveyard that are the ghosts is a great idea. This is indeed a fun song about being dead!

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Time is a funny thing. Every old geezer was once a cute 2yo kid. You do a cool thing the way you pull the listener out of their life and make them change perspective.

And singing as a corpse! What fun!