Last Night

Last Night

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I, Just can’t get out of bed,
Got such a fuzzy head,
Don know what I said to you,
I, need some fluids to reset,
My brain from this mess,
This mess I’m scared to,
Address, Cause we only just met,
First impression aren’t the best,
When Ive had a skinful to,
regret, The night we spend,
Dancing in my shed,
Cause the memories are painful now,

I, got so drunk last night
Kinda lost my mind,
Fell off the wagon in style,

Im, filled with such regret,
Hope you answer my text,
Before I remember that you,
Detest, all the things that I said,
I never meant what I said,
Give me half the chance to show you,
The best, side is all thats left,
Dont believe me but just let, me take you
Out, to start over again,
Ill show you all my friends,
Or maybe its the end, for us,

I, got so drunk last night
Kinda lost my mind,
Fell off the wagon in style,

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I think this is great! And I think you should work it up further, bump the chorus backing up especially. The sparse backing works brilliantly for the repetitive and steadily punching verses, and a serious banger backing for the choru would totally blow everyone away. If you had the download activated on soundcloud I'd download this!

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Ooh, love the vocal effect and general fuzziness of this track. An excellent match for the lyrics!