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Liner Notes: 

I had to leave the house today to do the fortnightly shop at the supermarket. Social distancing is no longer a thing, it seems. One woman was arguing that she didn't have to obey what is now the law (with a five-figure fine, in some cases) because "it wasn't the law." There are a lot of idiots out there, folks. Be careful.

I had to unwind by playing the guitar (loudly) when I got home. Not leaving the house again for the rest of the week if I can help it.

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Well, that would do it for me as well. There's no therapist like loud guitar. Loved the delay synced with the beat. This is good rock!

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Heavy as the F word! I like the galloping rhythm and the spitting blusteriness of the guitar - as if the guitar is gushing all over the stupid woman at the store. No revenge is as good as a raging electric guitar! The double-bass drums rock as well.

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Yeah well, I'm doing my tinkly version of this sort of therapy because of the stress that's hitting us. Don't know that it lasts but it feels good doing it! Solid rock/rock solid.