Behave yourself, Geoffrey!

Behave yourself, Geoffrey!

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Liner Notes: 

DD hit me up for the use of a previous sample for this song:

I thought it was awfully decent of him to mark it as a collab, since he did all the work.

This is my response.

There are two ways to play the bass in my view. The way DD does it and THIS WAY Biggrin

It's a bit of a one-take affair, and yeah, it's basically a homage to Cliff Burton, god rest 'im...

DD sez:
I think some wee came out!

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Wow. Funky bass playing! Very enjoyable. If only that Geoffrey would behave!

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I love the title so much. And WOW, I could not help but headbang to this one. That is some growling bass, fantastic work.

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Wild and crazy playing. Geoffrey is *not* one to behave himself. Just make sure to hide the vol-au-vents when he's about. This is great fun.

And yep, I can hear the style. Cliff's dad Ray passed away in January. He'd been a regular feature on the SF metal scene for decades, keeping Cliff's memory alive. He used to hang out with some metalhead friends of mine...

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Gargoyles are wonderful creatures. Perhaps not to pigeons...and when I grow up, I'M going to play bass like this.

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i love the way the bass sounds like sapient's growly vocals . exciting stuff!