Every Now and Then

Every Now and Then

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Liner Notes: 

This one was written in response to the 3:00 Sunday Skirmish prompt of “wonder”. But once again, I took hours to finish it, having found more ‘knobs’ in my GB app to mess with. I’m not sure that served me very well, but I have to say it feels like I am just finally getting my feet wet again, now that we’re almost done! Work pressures finally eased up, so I’ve been luxuriating over the last 2 songs I‘ve posted!

Not autobiographical; it was inspired indirectly by ‘Learning to Drive’ with Sir Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson, which I watched last night.


Every now and then, I start to wonder
What kind of spell do you have me under?
I’m not bothered by the things that used to spoil a good mood
I am content…
And I blame you

Every now and then, I start to wonder
How much of you I‘ve yet to discover
While we’re lying in the shade of a tree, exchanging our views
My mind expands…
And I blame you

Though we met much later
The glow is no less bright
A slow and steady closeness
That keeps me through the night

Every now and then, I start to wonder
How does every day make me feel that much fonder?
I will cherish every breath, every laugh, and the tears that come too
My heart is full...
So very full...
And I blame you

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"I blame you" -- that's a great tongue-in-cheek lyrical hook to end each verse with! Catchy tune and chords too.

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Lovely story, told with sensitive detail. The gentle, steady music suits the subject well. I love the little chord-change surprise that comes in the bridge.

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Lovely writing, lovely sentiments. As Alex has already commented, "I blame you" is a lovely twist. The delivery is well-judged; quiet and gentle, and that "small guitar" has a lovely tone!

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Sweet and affirming. Like others, I also enjoy how each verse ends with "I blame you," but in a positive sense. "My mind expands, and I blame you," is a great sentiment.