In My Artists Dream

In My Artists Dream

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In my Artist's dream-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

changed the order around a bit
my pronounciation is terrible, I know Smile


In My Artists Dream @cindyrella

I was flying over Monet's garden
Swooped down by Van Gogh's canal
Attended Renoir's luncheon
Visited the Middle East with Pascal

I was the lady in Manet's portrait
I delicately danced with Degas
Went strolling in Cezanne's landscape
Heard a lion's roar with Delacroix

As in the depth of my dream
I knew the depth in each stroke
I felt the passion, love, and anger
Touched the painted mother's cloak
Smelt the sweetness of the flowers
Rowed in a painted boat
I was both the moon and the moonbeam
In my artists dream

I was both child and mother with Cassatt
Three Tahitians with Paul Gauguin
Vermeer's girl with the pearl earring
And a seascape with Eugene Boudin

I sat in a cafe with Edward Hopper
I was a flower with Georgia O'keeffe
A family tree with Frida Kahlo
A colorful cat with Henri Matisse

Repeat chorus

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This is rather beautiful Marthie and so different to what I did with Cindy's wonderful words...which just goes to show how good and open to individual musical interpretation they are...your piano playing and singing are flawless...lovely recording!

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Wow! As Gwyn says, it is so different from his, but so beautiful too! Your piano adds so gorgeous!