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Cupcakes-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

getting to the stage of 5090 where more experimentation is happening...



V1 nothing but /a cupcake...
will make me /smile today
nothing but /a cupcake...
will chase these /blues away
nothing but /a cupcake
come put /one on/my plate

C smooth/rich/ creaminess....
I lick more /than I should
warm /moist /deliciousness...
addicting /and so good /soft /sweet/decadence ...
I’d have more /If I could

V2 let me taste /your cupcake...
and I will /make your day
let me taste /your cupcake....
and you can/have your way
let me taste/your cupcake
I know /it will /be great

C smooth/rich
I lick more /than I should
warm /moist /deliciousness...ohhhh...
addicting /and so good
soft /sweet/decadence ....yessss...
I’d have more /If I could …maybe I should.....

B cupcakes...let’s share a dozen
cupcakes....let’s put them in the oven
cupcakes....oh how I love them
with you....

C smooth/rich/ creaminess....ummm...yum
I lick more/than I should
warm /moist /
addicting /and so good
soft /sweet/decadence ....yessss...please..
I’d have more /If I could …and maybe we should.....

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Marthie! I love how your vocals carry this delicious smooth flowing melody slowly and gently over the sparse pulsating bass line ... it creates a slow building desire for cupcakes Smile

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Ominous, sinnister cupcakes.

Also very jazzy. Like smoky jazz club jazzy.

Also very electronic. Almost ambient.

Throw this to Twin Peaks and I'll say, of course that song was just what needed to be there.

By the way, excellent vocal performance.