Like for like

Like for like

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Liner Notes: 

Song explores the dangers of a tit for tat lifestyle/attitude.


Like for like

Spinning on old, spinning on old yawn you’ve sewn
Your fingers and feet get cramped and tired
Hammering out smoke small truth you’ve known
The wanting still burns and endless fire

There’s a tiny hint that it's all overblown
The dark still wants to duck and dive
Balance is all lost in your undertow
And you’re just giving like for like,
And you're just giving out like for like.

The colours and shapes seem to have lost their tone,
And the heart is hidden deep behind the eye.
And you wonder while you feel now just so all alone,
Something to do with giving out like for like.

The sea throws up everything you’ve always known,
And the deepest wells are more dark than night.
The secrets of the water with its endless flow,
Helps you float away from like to like,
Helps you float away from like to like.

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Sweet guitar part, nice flowing thing. Lots of nice imagery in the lyric -- spinning an old yarn. A story? Or a textile? Hammering out the smoke, I like that. The last verse, too, has some mysterious notions.