What to Expect When You’re Unsuspecting

What to Expect When You’re Unsuspecting

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt from @Donna Devine was “UNEXPECTED”

Disclaimer: I spent about 4 hours on this, so it’s not a skirmish-timed effort.

The title I used is a little too frivolous for the topic but I couldn’t resist the word play on the title of that classic pregnancy guidebook once it occurred to me.

This song is not about pregnancy. It’s about broken trust, and how that goes. But it is in response to the title.

I was in the mood to go beyond girl-with-guitar, so I took extra time to play with some GarageBand embellishments.


It will be a long drop
A free fall
You won’t even understand
The meaning of it all
You won’t believe it’s real
It’s not how things were s’posed to feel
It never crossed your mind
And so you walked into it blind

When life is unkind
To the unsuspecting
The best way to heal
Is to be self-respecting

It will be a hard year
Of rough days
It’s hard to get your bearings back
When trust has been betrayed
You’ll lose your faith in love
Then try somehow to rise above
Is there nothing you can count on
You really thought you’d found the one


Mourning your innocence
Missing those ways
Building resilience
New strength comes in waves

You contemplate a second chance
A new start
You’d risk it all to try to mend
What’s left of your broken heart
And when it falls apart again
You know it’s time to lean on friends
And now it never leaves your mind
How someone could be twice unkind

(chorus, 2x)

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Brilliant! The lyrics are outstanding and the bridge is awesome. The music! The vocals! This is a skirmish??

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This is really good! I like everything about the song. Vocals, music, the words.

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Nice melody, and I like the glock/xylophone in the bridge, and the upbeat-ness of the bridge.

If you went back to this I bet you could make the chorus a bit catchier maybe.

I like the subtle bits, the bass notes barely there and the glockenspiel.

And such a gripping topic, so many of us have been there.

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Excellent song! Beautiful playing and vocal, I like the chords and melody so much, and the contrast in the bridge is fantastic, really perks up the ear. Interesting topic and lyric, great skirmish!

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Good advice in these crazy times.

This is gorgeous. Shows just how powerful lyrics need nothing more than a single voice and one instrument (okay, two...) in order to really capture the attention and the emotions. I really love your melodic choices in this. Downloaded this one.

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The play on words in your title definitely drew me in! Beautiful chord choices and melody (I really need to play more with alternate tunings!). I like your encouraging message, but what I like even better is your mellow, kind delivery. And the little touches during the bridge are lovely!