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Liner Notes: 

I am quite happy with this because it is based on a true story (although some of the finer details have been slightly modified)! I met my wife, fell in love with her immediately, married her and we are living happily ever after! I also like how this little song is coming along!


September 26, 2020

Surprised by the daybreak
The night passed so quickly
It was gone in the wink of an eye
Met you at midnight
We talked all night long
And I didn't want to tell you goodbye

Your smile like an angel
Caught me off my guard
I thought it was not meant for me
But I gathered my courage
And boldly approached you
Although I was weak in the knees

To anyone
Who says
There's no
Love at first sight
I wish you
Could have
Seen us that night

We danced and we talked
While the world all around us
Faded back into the noise
Our hearts felt connected
Our souls intertwined
We began a great lifetime of joy
We began a great lifetime of joy

© 2020 John Staples

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Great AABA structure and the melody is delicate and beautiful combined with your slightly weary sounding voice does justice to this lovely lyric. It feels heartfelt.. it IS heartfelt. Another good write.

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This has such sincerity, it's a true, true love song. The vocal, the guitar and the lyrics all work together to tell this love story. Thanks for posting this.

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Love that chorus/third verse whatever you wanna call it........... that melody is really fitting for this to my tastes, not being a huge fan of the love song, but can appreciate good when I hear it! I'm quite happy with where this little song is going as well! a good keeper for sure, even if just the wifey hears it Biggrin ........the real and genuine emotion in this is felt! Great write/performance, I like that guitar melody with this as well, it's beautiful and contemplative
great skirmish!

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Yeah i like the structure, it flows well. Another more melancholy song for you but very nice.

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aw, this is lovely! Really nice little song, and such a nice story!

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I also like the AABA form, and also the 3/4 time. A great sounding ballad, melodic and singable. Love the positive lyric too. Great skirmish!

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Very beautiful, heartwarming song John. Loving the story behind your song, your lyrics, music, singing and playing. I'm sure it put a big smile on your wife's face. How wonderful she is an inspiration behind such a beautiful work!

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Ah... such a lovely vivid and powerful song about a very special loving relationship! I love the B section as it summed up the strength of the love and attraction so well. The structure works really well. And, as always, your delivery nails the sentiment so well!

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This was really enjoyable to listen to. Thanks

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You've convinced me with this song to believe in love at first sight and for that I thank you John...

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Sweet and sincere and rather lovely. The zeitgeist has trained us to view the unexpected as bring something awful, but sometimes, just sometimes, it does the opposite.

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What a sweet little folk song, all the better for being based on your actual experience. It's nice to know that sometimes things really do work out this way!