Green Meadows and Railroad-Tie Fences

Green Meadows and Railroad-Tie Fences

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Liner Notes: 

metalfoot: A great lyric by Doug that I snagged to add music to.

Doug: Thanks for another great song, Alex!


Jackhammers batter the pavement
Diesel trucks exhale exhaust
Sirens wail and I’m going to fail
At spelling out why I feel lost

Rumble of big tractor-trailers
Traffic-cop whistles wound ears
Beauty or blight, not one thing seems right
I breathe deep and wipe away tears

What the air isn’t choking
The city leaves broken
With steady assaults on the senses
It’s time to return
To my pine trees and ferns
Green meadows
And railroad-tie fences

Came here with great expectations
To make myself fit to a T
My big mistake, now I’ll do what it takes
To reach home where I can be me

It’s a fool’s errand
To spend your time caring
’Bout things that don’t give your life meaning
I’ll measure my days
By the love I create
And what I make real from my dreaming

I’ll measure my days
By the love I create
And what I make real from my dreaming

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Whoa! Just love this collaboration! Excellent lyrics that had to be sung and you did it so well! And I always love whistling!

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This really couldn't be anything other than a waltz, could it? The lyrics and the timing really convey the spinning uncertainty and complexity of modern life as it whirls about us, and our yearning for a more pastoral existence. And oh, the yearning and sadness in the delivery really gives the lie to that optimistic little whistle at the end...

Really nicely done, folks!

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Wow! I love this!!! I know it says country in the tags, but it has a sort of alternative folk feel for me, and the minor waltz gives it a bit of a dark circus sensibility. That plus those fantastic lyrics really gives me wanderlust in dark dustbowl sort of way. Why does everything sound like apocalypse underscoring to me these days? Oh, right.