It works!

It works!

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Liner Notes: 

I finally got round to hanging a load of drapes and putting acoustic panels on hard surfaces in my tiny little back bedroom studio. Then the bloody mixer desk stopped working!

Fixed the mixer and decided to wall mount my condenser mic. Then the mixer stopped working again.

Finally traced the second fault (unrelated to the first) and got comfy by listening to some reference tracks. This is a nice space to be in now! Early reflections and bass seemed to have been tamed nicely. So I did a little bit of spoken word recording (that project *may* appear later).

Then I grabbed my lovely bowl-back classical and tried recording it with my usual plug-in reverb to see what impact killing the room reflections has had.

And this is the result. I'm quite pleased with the way this room "feels" sonically now. And it's only taken a decade to get round to it. Biggrin

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There's really not enough 6/8 music in 50/90. Or FAWM for that matter. It's a dying language.

Sounds good, flows very nicely.

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Oooh! This one is so lilting and fun. Your music brings up such strong images, this is a very well lit castle staircase in my head.
Rich sounds, very lovely overall.

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This is absolutely lovely. Gloriously baroque, beautifully played. I'd be interested to hear what the recording sounded like *without* the added reverb - it's fairly resonant in the low mids...