Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt

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Liner Notes: 

Spent too long on the music almost forgot some lyrics Biggrin .......phew time to retire this chord progression/rhythm, for a day or two at least Biggrin I know I'm tired of it hahaha.


Shadows of doubt
Glimmers of hope
Nothing in the noise
Answers in the void

Shimmers of hope
Glimmers of doubt
Answer in the noise
Nothing lying in the void

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the progression has served you well! nice bit of slide makes this a bit edgy then the distorted vocals nice one

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I really like the jam with the drums and guitar at the end! This is cool.

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Love that music. The guitar is perfect. I love the hope - doubt and noise -void constructs. The marriage and interplay of the musical layers works so well to convey the sentiment of the lyrics. Well done!

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Cool, the percussion sounds and little extras at the end stand out in this one,