i'm done with mirrors

i'm done with mirrors

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Liner Notes: 

first lyric i've written in weeks.
wrote the first two verses/chorus last night, then wrote the rest tonight just now after i got off work.

"I'M done with mirrors" is a vastly different phrase than "done with mirrors."

each verse is a different aspect of mirrors i am done with.

i hope there's insight in the cleverness of the twisted stock phrase of the title.


(c) 09.25.2020 time and ink

verse 1

i'm done with mirrors
i'm done with the outside
done with facades and veneers
i'm done with now and tide.

i'm done with lies
and fear of night terrors
done with the !
blackest of blue skies
i'm done with mirrors.


done with mirrors
done with mirrors
done with mirrors.

verse 2

i'm done with mirrors
i'm done with the nightlife
ecstasy masking blind fears
i'm striving for the right strife.

i'm done with substance
escape and abstract horrors
over, done with the slow rinse
i'm done with mirrors.


verse 3

i'm done with mirrors
i'm done with what's behind
regret and broken barriers
i'm busting out of the week grind.

i'm done looking back
recriminations and stripped gears
setting myself on a forward track
i'm done with mirrors.


reflection seems nice
but hide, huff or hang twice
and it'll end in tears--
that's why i'm done with mirrors.

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Yeah, I like the clever twist on the phrase "done with mirrors" in how you've refigured it as "I'm Done With Mirrors".