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Liner Notes: 

Nice to do stream of conscious again <3


Here we are
At the precipice
Long way down
Long way we have come

To know what isn't
What is it?
Traveling through
and mazes
I know

It won't always be this way
It won't always stay the same
It won't always change like this
Change like this
is permanent.

Change like this.

And knowing is permanent
Knowing is always
Everything is gone.
But you're someone
But you're someone
But you're someone

Go on
To the next

You don't need to fix it
Don't need to answer for it
You don't need to change it
Til it changes you
What I have for you
What I want for you
What I know for you

Hell, I'm gonna show you
Yeah, I'm gonna show you who you are
Cuz you're someone who's changing
You are a changeling
Tiny, mighty world.

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very deep dark and those dischordant bits are very unsettling so work very well for this song. well done good skirmish

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Oh my!!! I LOVE everything about this!
That slow plodding piano! haha! excellent!!
that melody is beautiful! and all those little extra vocal? flourishes!!
Nice of you to be writing stream of consciousness too! I adore this lyric too, all great stuff!
Thanks for sharing! Them some mighty nice Ladyvox too Biggrin

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Love that dark chord progression and the simple deliberate pace as the stage for vulnerable feeling quiet vocals that perfectly deliver the lyrical sentiment. You take me to the edge with you.