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Liner Notes: 

A really pretty lyric by my friend Chandra so I tried to honour the spirit of the "spoken word" tag on the original while still putting a metalfoot stamp on the results.


You walk through my memory
Leaving footprints
I can't erase
As much as I want to

You aren't here
But my heart beats
And my mind imagines
That you are

I wish you hadn't
Left such an impression
If you weren't
Going to stay.

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Very nice vocal delivery and guitar playing. I particularly like these lines: "I wish you hadn't - left such an impression- if you weren't -going to stay."

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Really nice setting – I like the melodic lines that bookend it, and the bright, shimmery quality of the 12 string when the chords come in. I really like the lyric – especially, the third verse; the chord change at the start of the third verse is really effective.

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This is an absolutely lovely instrumental, and a wonderful backdrop for Chandra's lyrics!