A Night Time Blues

A Night Time Blues

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Liner Notes: 

Just an improvised one take night time blues.
I thought it would end up as more of a boogie, but it's definitely more of a blues. Sometimes that's just what comes out.

I like just playing some blues on the guitar, but i've never really considered it songwriting, but some other people were putting up one take improv stuff, so why not, eh? Hope you enjoy it, it isn't too long, so hopefully there won't be too many angry customers demanding their three and a half minutes back!

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A great blues improv. Very much enjoyed it! And yeah, it counts as songwriting insofar as you have a document of it and could replicate it in the future now...

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Some great licks in here. Really relaxing to listen to. The humming adds to the bluseyness. Great jam.

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Some very fine guitar playing. Yes, the humming adds a lot. Nice variations.