Dish Pig Distress

Dish Pig Distress

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Liner Notes: 

I came late to the Nonet Challenge.

But here it is.

[EDIT] I don't know when the term "Dish Pig" came into being, but it's the basic insider name for the scullery maid/man throughout the Australian restaurant industry or what's left of it with COVID


Words & Music Copyright © 2020 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved
isrc AUNEY2000053

Dishwasher. Loading the crockery,
Grotty and dripping forks and plates.
Dish Pig, that's what they call me.
It's a job. Pay's not great.
But if it's done wrong,
That's my one dread:
Poisoned food,

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Pretty essential job then! Succinct, packs a punch!

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Not only is this tremendously funny it has also introduced me to a term that I had never heard before. Yet clearly when I had a summer job at the local Wimpy Bar back in my teenage years, I was clearly a dish pig.

Great response to the challenge, Tim - thank you!

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Love this. The piano is so jaunty, the punchline is a kicker. Terrific.