This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

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Liner Notes: 

So now the country is facing escalating rules on social gatherings, and the prospect of a return to full lockdown is looming ever closer. I grow ever more weary and dispairing of the monumental stupidity that is on display every time I turn on the television or venture out in public. What is WRONG with people? So yes, I am an angry old man. I have decided to follow the advice of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Emperor Palpatine and "Embrace your anger!" (Random bit of trivia: Ian McDiarmid has the same birthday as me.)

This is the closest I've ever come to recording a rap track and it turned out far better (in my opinion) than it had any right to. Maybe I should let the anger flow more often...


That drunken racist in your neighbourhood?
He's convinced his time has come
The country's being run the way he would:
by a demented senile bum
He's gone unchallenged, though we know we should;
thinks we support what he's become.

He and his friends think they deserve the bast
They want it served up on a plate
Take what they can, leave nothing for the rest -
ain't that what makes their country great?
Doesn't care that those in charge confessed
that what they do is based on hate

Any time that stupid people
Think that they should live like kings
they start to call their neighbours 'sheeple'
and covet what endeavour brings
This is why we can't have nice things
This is why we can't have nice things

Think they're too smart to take instruction
in how to save each other's lives
They simply revel in destruction
somehow they think they will survive
It has a sinister seduction
At least, until the bill arrives...

How they view society is graphic:
they're simply not up to the task
The glee they take is psychopathic
in choosing not to wear a mask
So asking them to be empathic
is clearly far too much to ask

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Powerful and really impressive- this is great, and (as I've learned) does'nt it feel good (at least temporarily) to rap out politically-charged 'get it off your chest' lyrics!

great use of the title line, and use of the word 'sheeple' !

excellent writing and recording!

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Excellent rockin' guitar tones, and the heavy dark groove is a perfect vehicle for your rant. I hear you and agree 100% in your lyric, I could go on and on about my disbelief in our current state of affairs. Perfect title. Good song!

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This is really good. Lot of anger out there indeed. Lol And that comes through in your vocal delivery. The approach in your delivery does this more justice than taking a rap genre approach. Well, as Emperor Palpatine once said in Return of the Jedi, I can feel your anger. Lol

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great rockin music to deliver what should not need to be said - but certainly is! yeh i am getting angrier

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Hope your anger does not lead to suffering, Darth Harris.
Or did the suffering lead to anger? Anyway, vocal delivery is ace!

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COVID-19 IS A HOAX!!!!!!!!

Nah, not really; I totally agree with you.
I'm loving your vocals and how you've treated them.
Those burbly bits really amp up the sense of frustration and uncertainty.
Great lyrics, too.
Nice tags.
Yeah, your vox are great.
Lovely work here.

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Suitably aggressive, with a big, immersive rock sound. Great lyrics and delivery, especially in the chorus--can only nod my head in recognition!

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oh this is a great big huge sound great mix, love the drums and all the wurbly burbly stuff! and great wah freakout! Great tune! but yeah I have to agree with Fuzzy! how dare you trigger me!!!! hahahah but yeah I agree as well!
....this is why we can't have nice things! such a great phrase I use wayyyyyy to often, but don't think I ever have in a song?? weird hahaha

loved this!