My Backyard

My Backyard

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Liner Notes: 

I like the ukulele/keyboard combo so much that I did it again. And I did indeed write and sing this one as I worked in the backyard a few mornings ago.


My backyard is overgrown
gonna clear the brush gonna do it on my own
My backyard been neglected too long
Gonna work up a good sweat
while I sing this song

My backyard is overgrown
gonna uncover that old porch of stone
Weeds too high and the vines too long
gonna cut, pull and trim
while I sing this song

My backyard is overgrown
gonna make myself a lawn chair throne
My backyard is where I belong
Gonna make it right
while I sing this song

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I learned this week that there's a species of bacteria in soil called mycobacterium vaccae that not only acts as a natural antidepressant when we absorb it, it is also suspected of being a cognitive enhancer. We have quite literally co-evolved with it to get a kick out of horticulture...

From the sound of that "porch of stone" you could tell yourself that you're doing archaeology instead of gardening. Much more fun! But clear that yard! I did my back garden on Tuesday and it looks better than it has for years and I am inordinately pleased with myself as a result. Biggrin

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interesting how these instruments play together! timing sounds tricky, so kudos for delivering this nice song!

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The keyboard sounds like koto. Very exotic sound!

Now I'm jealous of your backyard! Biggrin I gotta get me one of those. Nice tune about everyday stuff that certainly deserves a song. Working on the yard is one of the great joys of life. Now where's my list of life's great joys...