The Epic Journey Of Space Kitty Epsilon

The Epic Journey Of Space Kitty Epsilon

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Liner Notes: 

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I was really inspired by @dzd's amazing song: "Schrodinger's Stuffed Kitty Rides the Intergalactic Space Elkalope While Checking Into the Infinite Hotel pt. 2" & asked him right away if I could use the lyrics in my own crazy production. He said yes, so I started to play around in Jeskola Buzz. First, I recorded each line of @dzd's lyrics & then dropped them into Buzz as separate samples. Next I dropped HG Fortune's amazing Alionoctis VSTi before starting to lay out those vocal samples c/o three instances of Matilde Tracker. Next, I recorded a guitar riff using WDE's EasyRecord machine (which records audio directly to Buzz's Wavetable, where Samples can be played directly by Buzz Machines). I then played the guitar back using WDE's wonderful AudioBlock Machine. Lastly, because I knew I needed some cat samples for a space rock song about a cat, I dug out the recording of the late-great Cat-Father of Catcore, @mojo the cat that @Joanne Gabriel had sent me a few years ago when I was able to do a couple of collabs with Mojo (man, I miss Mojo & his brother Mantra). Mojo's vocals are played c/o another couple instances of Matilde Tracker. This was fun! Thanks to @dzd for letting me play with his lyrics.

See You In The Shadows…

@dzd says: meow Biggrin

This is really marvelous stuff Candle!!! and actually gave me a jump scare even after having some pretty high expectations of hearing something deliciously spooky after reading your liner notes, hahahah, and so delighted mojo got to play along, even though I'm woefully sad I missed him Smile Though I do seem to recall some Catcore from fawm....... just reading that profile extra made my day. As much as I ended up using my dog, I probably should of started him one....... he may get a fawm profile Smile I think he would prefer winter-time more as well with less to do Smile

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Spooked me out a bit on a second listen too ....... you should do more vocals IMO Biggrin , but possibly the rarity you do makes them all the more special? I have only heard a handful from you, but always good stuff!

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I find it very interesting how different collabortions (stupid to say, of course, since of course they ---->), -- sound so different --, yet, with some of the same folks in it.

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Aw...It's nice to hear Mojo's voice. This is some pretty cool noise, though I wish I could understand the words a little better. I guess I should go check out dzd's song to read the lyrics. Anyway, this is some fun stuff.

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Hahaha this is great!!!
Lovely headphone mix for sure.
And it's great to hear Mojo back from The Great Beyond.
Really nice minimal backing track here.
Great job.

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Mojo's vocals fit so well in this weird atmosphere! Definitely a track he would have enjoyed.
I can't make out a single word, which is even better. I like how you guys take me beyond the known limits of space. I picture a spaceship made of light floating in the infinity. Awesome.