Pub Quiz with the In-Laws

Pub Quiz with the In-Laws

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Liner Notes: 

So in the interests of pseudo-familial harmony, I have been participating in bi-weekly online pub quizzes with my other's half's enormous and quite right wing family for the duration of lockdown. We kept a small notebook in which I would write "hilarious" comments / answers into, off-screen, to amuse and shock him. Most of the words are sung from 16 weeks of that, out of context.

Trans rights matter. Trans people are people. TERFS can F off. End of. In case people misunderstand line 5. Cheers!


(Ooh ooh Pub quiz) x 3
Aaah, la la la

I want to die
I am dying of a racism overdose
Are you a key worker?
Yes, we can hear you!

Every answer's a trans-man
Now we're reached the awful bit
Why does it never end?

Why does it never end x2
When will it ever end?

Are we going to do Thursday? (See you Next Thursday)
Jay's the worst pub-quiz host I've ever seen (See you Next Thursday)
He can't even spell the question cards correctly (See you Next Thursday)
You're all a bunch of See you Next Thursdays (See you Next Thursday ...)

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I hear! good message with that excellent punkadelic delivery

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I feel your pain, man. I really do. I have spent exactly one evening in the pub since lockdown restrictions were eased and things went very similarly to this, but without the quiz. In my case I could claim I needed to leave early (being ill has its privileges) so I had an escape route which I gladly took.

@coolparadiso's classification of this as punkadelic is perfect. The wild fuzz ukulele and the sync synth lines really gel together to create a feeling of rising tension and the rowdy pub chorus doing backing vocals nail the vibe.