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Liner Notes: 

Why oh why do i write songs at the top of my vocal range all the time? Ends up sounding like there's not enough bass.

Anyway, here's a song to wind up anyone who says "I don't like politics in my music". Cheers!


Is there anything
That could be much dumber
Than when white guys say
“I do not see color”?

I’d hope they’d find germane
Opinions enlightening
The gall of privilege
Truly is frightening

Top of the pile, they’ve
Never had to suffer -
Why not run their words by
Those to whom it matters?

Stupid rich boys as they're
Through society, I find their assumption

Is there anything
That could leave me flatter
Than when dumb folk say
“All lives matter”?

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" songs at the top of my vocal range" I think we all suffer from this, probably because we're no longer teenagers with that high register all working.