Fat Neck Blues

Fat Neck Blues

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Liner Notes: 

So I hit a mental block on this one for three days, couldn't find a melody or words to fit the weird organ loop I started with. Then today, it all came pouring out. Still nonsense, but I really like the relentless pulsing bass line. Then again, I like relentless things. Hope someone out there can find some love for my madness!

For some reason, this makes me think that I still miss Hoops Sad


(Fat neck)x8

Hank is a hunk, all bile, front and spunk
Frightful old punk but delightfully blunt
If he asks you around, Don’t be late for lunch
He’s Stubby, he’s chubby, a proud British chunk

(first you better check
Just how fat is his neck)

(Fat neck) x8

Frank’s an ex- bobby, in old age getting sloppy
Stopping and searching’s his favourite hobby
Groping around from the backdoor to the lobby
He means kinda well, but he's grubby and grotty

First you better check
Just how fat is his neck
Yeah, first you better check
Just how fat is his neck

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This is delightfully Hoopsian (there's a word, right?) in both lyrical content and musical content...... and yes, I miss our hoops very much as well- this crazy wonderful creation brings back some of that free-ranging spirit of his, for sure... great to hear!

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another one that is really cool! Ian Dury reborn! i can see him playing this on stage! excellent top class