The people we need to be

The people we need to be

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Liner Notes: 

I thought it might be a good time for some optimism during tis pandemic. I've seen so many kind and selfless acts recently that it has made me want to let people kwow that there are so many good things going on at the moment in the midst of all the problems we face. I've been influenced by doing some collabs with @MisterGee and so went for a blues theme for this song.


Times are hard
They’ll probably get worse
Times are hard
They’ll probably get worse

So what can you do
To make things a little

I don’t know why
But I see hope everywhere
Don’t know why
But there’s hope in the air

People looking out for each other
People showing how to care

Everyday Someone does something good
Someone does something good
Not because they have to
But just because they know they should

If you give up
You could lose your mind
Don’t give up
Or you will surely, lose your mind

Just remember that everyday
Someone does something so kind

Be someone
You’d be proud to be
Just be that person
You’d be proud to be

We’ll get out if this
If become, the people we need to be

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This is nice. Vocals, harmonica, music n' all in addition to the words bring the message to life. More positive please. Yes, indeed. Thanks

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This really made me smile. Uplifting lyrics and a lovely, sassy, walking blues. Really digging the piano work too!

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Nice cool blues. Lovely sentiment, needs to be shared far and wide... Love the harmonica interludes.

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nice and laid back and a bit of positivity is great! nice one!

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love the piano, well all of it really, great lyrics and fantastic delivery

headfirstonly's picture

Blues with harmonica? I'm in. That band you've got there are the real deal; great interplay between each instrument, all following the dynamics of the song with a great vocal performance to cap it all off. All that's missing from the recording is the audience's applause at the end.

And your optimism is much appreciated, thank you!

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This is absolutely wonderful on every level. Great that you focused on the positive, and i love that pounding piano, drums, and especially harmonica really expressing the blues! (This inspires me to add harmonica to my next song, too!)

great job!