Bibles In Reverse

Bibles In Reverse

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Liner Notes: 

a one take on the times and all...


men come men go
where there's women
there's a show

some men watch it
some man don't
women dance
or not at all

behind the curtain
there is a sign
don't be a prick
move with the times

now times are slick
and hanky-panky
time open doors
for all mankind

if girls were boys
and boys were girls
we'll read our bibles in reverse

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Pure Brecht and Kurt Weill this has so much richness. I'm not sure I understand the lyrics completely but you have got me thinking. Excellent song.

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wow I just absolutely loved this, would love to have some long drunken discussions just based on this tune alone hahah Biggrin as long as you bring that thing you're plunking away so nicely on always welcome on my back porch! I got crickets too Biggrin