you put the lie in believe

you put the lie in believe

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Liner Notes: 

so this is an earlier 50/90 song, from a few years ago.
it was recorded as part of the quarantine sessions earlier this year, entitled
my corona: world enough and lime.
i have posted one track per week this summer, all recorded during quarantine, except for a few lyric attempts early on.
i'm hoping that the fall weather will jolt me out of the miasmic depression i am experiencing.
i hope you enjoy.

verse 4 ended up being sung over the bridge section, due to my not recording a space for verse 4. i kind of like the way it shortened the piece, though i believe the bridge deserves a couple of passes for emphasis.
that is all.


(c) 08.10.2016 time and ink


verse 1

i know i'm a fool-- well, what does that make you?
i suffered for love, and for art a bit, too
think i
know what i want, thought i knew what was true
i coulda just been deceived.

verse 2

there's things i am sure of, things that i ain't
i know i'm a sinner, never will be a saint
i can see what i wrote but the meaning is faint
in every tale i weave.

verse 3

i thought of you as the sun does the day
something here with me that'll never go away
something i held close, my fears to allay
but you put the lie in believe.


you put the lie in believe
tore my heart right off my sleeve
my hope's in a pine box, i wish i could grieve
cause you put the lie in believe.

verse 4

the moon shows in daylight as much as at night
it only comes out when the time is right
cast down my faith from such a terrible height
yes you put the lie in believe.



the sun shines at night
the tides turn the moon
and as the frogs take flight
you'll be coming back soon--

oh, these and other lies i believe
cause you put the lie in believe.

-----------------------------------> SOLO




my hope's in a pine box, i'm starting to grieve
cause you put the lie in believe.

yes, you put the lie in believe.
oh, you put the lie in believe.

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I'm sorry you are down and I hope doing this makes it a little better. I don't think I could survive with it. This is so spectacular and honest and real. Bravo!

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I can't believe I've never noticed that believe contains "lie". It's one of these linguistic gems that is tailor made for featuring in songs, and you do a wonderful job with it here. A country-style ballad is the perfect setting, the vocal is suitably mournful and the cello nails it.

All my best wishes for feeling better soon.

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Great title!

Sorry to hear about the depression. It's not fun and if it's been sticking around for more than a couple of weeks, go talk to your doctor. Seriously; I spent more than 20 years telling myself I was "just a bit low" before friends finally persuaded me to get help (they literally had to stage an intervention) and I was finally diagnosed with chronic depression. Treatment has been with cognitive behavioural therapy and meds and my mood these days is much improved. But what could I have achieved in those missing twenty years if I'd been my "usual self"?

The cello is the perfect instrument for a low mood, though. It's dark and mournful. But it's also deep and richly textured and it sounds glorious. It's the perfect choice to accompany this song.

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I too can't beLIEve I've never noticed that either hahah

Great tune! that melody is wonderful most especially at the end of the verses, and the slow cello and picking is such great accompaniment for this
nice performance too, those harmonies are great!

I too hope you get to feeling better, but on the bright side your mood did spawn a wonderful and woeful tune that I really enjoyed if there's irony enough in that for ya Smile