I Wish I Could Say

I Wish I Could Say

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I Wish I Could Say (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

As the challenge draws to a close, I'm definitely writing shorter songs with less of a structure. In a way some of them seem to go nowhere, but in this case I feel like the lack of structure as well as being at the VERY bottom of my range in the first half, really conveys the mood of a deep depression that I was going for. Don't worry, though I am prone to depression, this isn't really me right now. (I'm more anxious now, ha!) I wrote down the first two lines once when I *was* in a deep depression, and in the same way as most of these songs started, I found it in my idea list and thought it would be simple to finish.

One thing I'm proud of about this song is I practiced my ability to write about images a little bit. I really spend too much of writing on feelings without using any kind of imagery, let alone metaphor, which I still need to work on.


I wish I could say that I was happy today, but I'm not
I wish I could say that it was going okay, but it’s not
And the landline rings several dozen times as the calendar marks the days
As a perfect message to remind me that I'm still here, wasting space

I wish I could say that I was doing okay, but I'm not
I wish I could say it was a promising day, but it's not
And the only sound is tacky dialogue from the sitcoms that I watch all day
And the laugh track tries to tell me when to crack a smile, but it doesn't work that way

I give everybody but myself the benefit of the doubt
He’s just busy, she’s just having a bad day, I'm just not worth it
Because I’ll always remember what I couldn’t do and never the things that I did
I am forever at war with what I can’t do, don’t know and can’t explain

But I just remind myself, either it'll work out in the end or I will die trying
And the dead can never disappoint, and the dead can’t be disappointed

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youve done well if thats the bottom of the range - sounds great! This is a really good song - nicely done like this but could be a monster with production! very enjoyable i love the lyrical flow!

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Moving song. So glad to hear it is only partly about you. We live in the time when depression and anxiety is shriving. I think letting it out by creating songs about it has a soothing effect and helps people who feel this way know that they are not alone. Beautiful song. Your voice sounds lower than I heard before but it's very pretty also. Loving listening to your songs.

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love the way the music kind of uncurls in the second half, and even though the final lines are stark there is a humour in them i think, a bright side of the worst case scenario. the second half might seem down on yourself still but with a positive realisation and i get the sense of standing up from the first half of the song. really like the melody in that second half too. engaging song and lovely performance