Gentleman Greene

Gentleman Greene

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Liner Notes: 

And now we'd like to introduce one of the villains from the world of Sibir. The main reason for the other track the battle at bachelorsfield.
Gentleman Greene. A very charismatic member of the Domo Veri. But also very, very evil. He'll turn on you in a second if you aren't watching your back. There's a reason he's one of the Domo Veri's favorite members. Maybe he'll meet the Explorers sometime in the future...............

on a side note. It's very likely this may be our last 5090 track. We might have one more in the tank, but if not, it's been fun doing this for the first time. Thanks for all the kind words. We'll see you in FAWM for the 6th installment of The Explorers. Smile

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Is that the same note that '2001: A Space Odyssey' starts out with?, because I immediately got chills. The you went down when you should've gone up, and I was over it.
All kidding aside, this is ominous. Something is lurking. I can feel it tingling the back of my neck, and I know it is there. But I can't quite put my finger on it. Even when the music picks up into a march, I still can't see. He's still illusive behind his troops. Sneaky bastard...

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Ooooh, I like. I like very much. I'm just sitting here letting this surround and envelop me as it moves from one emotional beat to the next. This is *profoundly* and richly cinematic and better than many of the scores I've heard in my time (because film nerd). Great sound design, splendid arrangement, and extremely high-end production values. Oh, to have a tour of your studio and watch your process... You could, I am very sure, teach me an immense amount.

Glad you've had fun with Fifty/Ninety this summer. See you for FAWM!

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My studio tour would be the most boring of all studio tours LOL. It's literally a laptop, and a M-Audio Axiom 25, in whatever room of my house is the least busy Smile