pixie ballad

pixie ballad

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random jam #3: pixie lullaby [deluxe memory man, marbles/peaks/plaits/rings/ripples]

Liner Notes: 

the third installment of my random jams....

more liner notes and patch notes on the youtube link!

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first one i have heard and i really liked it! the backing to the guitar bounces nicely. Cool!

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Very mellow. The tone is excellent and the melody moves in a graceful and subtle way. I like your technique of playing bass along with the melody on the guitar.

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A nice contemplative feel. Impressed by the various things you have going on simultaneously here.

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Pretty guitar line........and big fan of the Memory.........man Wink I've had several of both those delays, just recently got rid of my Flashback, it was pretty redundant haha, That robot over there playing drums is pretty nifty too......... if I'm going to have a robot playing drums that's the one I'd want Biggrin It's got enough doohickeys and thingamajizzits it would keep me happy for a while.

Really enjoyed my listen!