Before we lost our innocence

Before we lost our innocence

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Liner Notes: 

this is a kind of 'nostalgic for pre-pandemic living' song.

a very quick demo, done on the iPhone.


Once there were some actors on a stage
We’d go see them indoors
Or maybe some musicians who came to town
This was their year to tour

And before the show we’d go to a place
With a bunch of tables and chairs
A place with four walls, windows and all
We’d eat for hours in there

these days feel so long ago
to get dressed up, leave the house, and go

And after the show, we’d go indoors again
To a crowded noisy bar room
Hang with our friends, with handshakes and hugs
And plan to do it all again soon

What was that world, that ended so fast
Now firmly in the past tense
Another time, another place
Before we lost our innocence

(c) M. Skliar

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yup we all miss it - it will come again. nice one. like the demanding guitar!

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Very wise. It feels as if we are going through stages in accepting what has happened. Nice chord changes on the chorus.

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Yeah, we can all relate. I like the melody and the guitar has good energy behind it...kind of brings a positivity to it all. You capture the simple things like just going to see a show and all that it entails nicely and how life changes unexpectedly.