The stages of fascism, version 2 (nsfw)

The stages of fascism, version 2 (nsfw)

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Liner Notes: 

This is 'version two' of this song.

(If you care about the details, what happened was that I had an idea for a rap song, and realized i couldn't really get the musical track together as I wanted. Did a search for backing tracks on the internet which could be used freely- found a great track, but the fine print on that website is (unfortunately i only saw this later)that you can use it for background music on a video or something, but not as a backing track for an album. (that version was posted here as 'version 1') So since I do want to potentially do something with this, I wrote my own music, a bit more primitive, perhaps, making my own backing track on an old laptop garageband and then singing using that laptop built in mic, which isn't ideal but seemed to work ok.)

edit- sept 23rd- did a slight remix, boosting the vocal and the bass a little bit, and a little echo on the vocal for good measure. Just makes it a little clearer, i think.
(and typed out the lyric too, below)

bit of political background for those not immirsed in all this messy US stuff- the justice dep't declared new york city, as well as a few cities on the west coast as 'anarchist jurisdictions'.. i guess our police are not trampling on the rights of enough people?. It would not surprise me if its all a prelude to end federal funding for those cities that don't vote for the insane orange one..

anyway, enjoy!


Anarchist jurisdiction, that's a fiction
thought up by a fascist prick, whole thing is making me sick
we got to stick it to them in November
remember those kids in cages, yeah we remember
everything that sob does he does for himself
himself aind his little family of gold plated elves
thinking just about their wealth
doing dirty deeds with stealth
they don't give a shit about our health
Two hundred thousand dead
"it is what it is" he said
Time to put his regime to bed
they try to stuff the court with another right winger
wait till January for our middle finger
going to expand the court to 40 or 50,
put on AOC and Bernie, won't that be nifty

This is some shit on a different level,
what we got here is the mark of the devil
every day another unprecedented outrage
a descent into fascism stage by stage

stage 1 saying the press is the enemy
stage 2 appointing members of your own family
stage 3 blame everything on immigrants and foreigners
stage 4 lie about the past talk about the way we were
stage 5 tell so many lies you can't untangle or make sense
stage 6 promise your supporters a big wall, a big fence
stage 7 contempt for science contempt for diversity
stage 8 good old-fashioned white supremacy
stage 9 if there's a question, cause deflection
stage 10 go ahead and steal the election

stage 11 accuse others of what you are doing in plain sight
stage 12 keep the surveillance going all night

anarchist juriscition, that's a fiction
we've got to vote vote vote
vote, vote, vote

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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Properly controlled, anger is a fantastic creative engine and the energy that it can impart to music is extraordinary. Punk arose from anger at the previous generation's complete lack of interest in their successors, not just musically, but (more importantly) societally. So much of rap stemmed from anger at inequality and privilege. This track seethes with rage (quite rightly, IMO) and I can hear the emotional commitment in every line. Grand stuff - and the reverb on those drums is the perfect treatment!

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I hear ya! Writing always helps me through my anger and emotions. Good song!

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You've said it all, Mike, stating facts in an angry way without being strident. I really like the backing track

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I feel like I'm watching a grainy black-and-white clip of a protestor striding back and forth atop a heavily tagged wall shouting to the crowd through a megaphone, as police in riot gear approach. The themes and the bluntness of the lines give it a timelessness that sings to the age-old disease of political cruelty, violence and lies that seeps into every end of the human race.

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This is great! I listened without reading along, so some of those lines caught me by surprise and made me chuckle (ruefully). I approve of your court-packing plan, though it might be a wee bit audacious. The 12 stages of fascism is spot-on. Love that snare sound, too

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The reverb on the vocal is great, and the delivery is punchy! I really like what you did with those echoes in the "vote" hook. I like the fat bass in this new backing track. It doesn't necessarily need the hip-hop drums of the previous version, but I think adding some minor chords would fit the emotion of the words better. I don't think you'd need to change anything that's already here, just add to it.