Love Your Mother

Love Your Mother

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Liner Notes: 

This is a morph of *45704 by @andygetch

I kept the key signature, about half of the chord structure, about half the theme and a handful of words.

My wife points out that I've managed to bookend a morph with songs about harming people. This makes the progression:

1) I wish to harm you! <- Me
2) Dealing with serious (and institutional) harm
3) Recovering from harm
4) Let's stop all the harming and try to get along
5) Can we stop harming everything?
6) You will be harmed! <- Me

Am I a horrible person? Possibly. But I have no regrets with regards to this morph!


Love your mother and treat her well
You’ll appreciate her by and by
She’s the one who gave you life
And she’ll likely be there when you die

Gaia lay in her lovers arms
Hey joy brightened up the sky
The birds and beasts they all gathered round she said
"All right, let’s give people a try"

These ugly children were hopeless at first
But given time they grew
Burned down the forests and terrorized the earth
Gaia smiled, "Kids, what can you do?"

You can ....

Those ornery youngsters tore all around
Adolescents can be so mean
Racing cars and picking fights
And they can’t keep anything clean

Gaia said “I try, but I’m not a maid”
As she watched the fires and the bombs
She sighed “You know, they grow up so fast”
“And pretty soon they’ll be gone”

Till then I hope you’ll...

Fires rage and hurricanes blow
In time I suppose she’ll kill us, every one
I guess you could say she’s a real so-and-so
But after all, you’re her son

So you should...

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Actually quite a lovely sentiment Smile at least when I read the "love your mother" title and humorous tag it thankfully didn't go where my gutter-mind thought it might be going Biggrin

great write! love the different introductions going into the chorus, great performance! really had me swaying along with this great flowy melody and rhythm.