You Can't Give Up

You Can't Give Up

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Liner Notes: 

robot voice!


when life hits you hard
and you're tearing up
and you realize
you're out of luck

when the dusk sets
this deep dark pain
what's the need
is it all in vain

you can't give up
you can't give up
you can't give up
you can't give up

when the pressure is high
and you feel low
slalom the obstacles
go with the flow

when life delivers setbacks
turn your thoughts away
focus on the best track
listen to what others say

you can't give up
you can't give up
you can't give up
you can't give up

it took 3 billion years of evolution
to bring you here
there is no afterlife
so don't disappear

you can't give up
you can't give up
you can't give up
you can't give up

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philmcmill's picture

Yay, a new Rob song! Wonderful (as always). Like the robot voice and the ending (or maybe you can).

cts's picture

Always nice to hear a Rob from Amersfoort tune. Very catchy and quite upbeat. The robotic voice is a nice fx. I like the organ on the left side of the cans. This grooves well, my dude.

headfirstonly's picture

I have missed your musical stylings this summer, Rob. New music from you is always a treat.

This seems to be a sparser mix than I'm used to hearing from you, but there's still a huge amount of subtle production wizardry going on. The fuzz guitar behind the vocoder section is lovely and I was drooling over the wonderful assortment of keyboard sounds. I love the way that you play with the tropes of the motivational song genre; I genuinely laughed out loud at the ending.

Fuzzy's picture

As you know, I always welcome a new Rob song.
This is fantastic, as usual.
Great mix in the headphones.
I like your carefully crafted choice of sounds and assembly.
Lovely organ sound.
Hahaha that ending is fabulous!
Well done!!

cleanshoes's picture

Ooh, this is good on so many levels. Incredibly catchy, with great production and central keyboard line. Lots of fun things going on throughout with the vocals as well. And that line at the end really makes the song!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Hi Rob, giving this a second spin awaiting my favorite part as per 1.21. Very nice to hear your discernable sounds and the dry humor!

pfoo's picture

Timely message for sure. Love that organ and bass, and the echo-y vocals. Oh, that last line!

See you in February, I hope, if the world is still holding together. Love your songs Smile