Schrodinger's Stuffed Kitty Rides the Intergalactic Space Elkalope While Checking Into the Infinite Hotel pt. 2

Schrodinger's Stuffed Kitty Rides the Intergalactic Space Elkalope While Checking Into the Infinite Hotel pt. 2

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Liner Notes: 

Kicking around titles for as with anything and as always am open to any suggestions(hate that I feel the need to clarify that) shouldn't everyone be at every time? but whatever, each their own and all that Biggrin

Kind of hung up on Noise Think or vice versa or Thoise or variation thereof ....seem to be putting way more thought into a title than I did recording apparently hahah

just always been a fan of thought experiments.......kind of wrote itself There's tons more I'd like to add highlights of lyrically, but didn't think of them at the time hahahaha

week 7 tag, it's a bit of a @Candle and an @Fuzzy mashup I started around that time and mostly forgot about, but I'm too lazy to actually use recorded lecture samples so just did it myself as would of been a little more Fuzzy's style I think Smile

Guitar track is mostly pedals with I think one maybe one or two lines of some midi keys through some buzz tracker machines(all would of been freebies)........I don't recall, it was done too long ago like almost over a whole month ago I believe Biggrin and I just mixed it down, can't seem to find the original buzz file. oh well Smile


If you put a cat in a box
A blur of probability
One cat is always dead
One cat is always alive
Spooky action at a distace
No vacancy at the Infinite Hotel
But there is always room for more
Was there ever a cat in the box
Was there ever a box for the cat
A mere approximation
Of a deeper reality

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Great stuff!

For some reason... you make me think of "Jack White"... Smile hahhh, in this.

Not that JW sounds like this at all.

Anyway, -- this is really good stuff, really good. Wow.

(Could have done, 3 dots, 3 dashes and 3 dots Smile SOS, morse coded it Wink

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I'm loving your use of Buzz (how could I not? Lol ). That morse-codey beeping just adds to the psychological reaction to this great sound experiment. It does have a Candle feel with some Fuzzy-like vocals - though all presented in true dzd fashion. This was a great ride through Quantum (Meta-)Physics. I could see this track being an album opener that would be followed by a real rocker of a song. Just what I'm hearing in my own crazy mind…

But I have to ask: what happened to Part 1? Was there ever really a Part 1? Was it dead? Was it alive?

I think that's what I love most about Quantum Physics - it's sort of the place where Physics & Metaphysics seem to meet. From that lovely article that inspired one of my own 50-90 songs (angst & empty set):

"Suppose you open your handbag one day expecting to find your wallet there, but don’t. Do you literally see the absence of your wallet in your handbag? If you do, it means something important: Absences have a positive presence in your perception that you can grasp, independently from all ordinary things."

Does the tree that just fell in the forest make a sound?

I think, my friend, you're on your way to answering these ancient & very important questions with this marvellous track Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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great all round, love the lyrics and the overall song concept and the sounds are totally pull you in to that space in between - love it

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All the beeps and the increasing drone add such a great element of unease to this.