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Liner Notes: 

Another adventure in recording with two mics at once. Moved one mic up and put it at a different angle. I think it sounds decent. What do you think?


Loving you is like washing my glasses in the rain
A pointless endeavor
I try again and again and again
To come out dry so I can see
But you always downpour on me
And wash me away
You wash me away

Shoulda listened to my mother
Shoulda listened to my dad
Shoulda listened to every friend that I have ever had
I know you are no good for me
But I love it when you downpour on me
And wash me away
You wash me away

Wash me
Take me
Fly me away

Save me
Break me
Use me today

Loving you is like raking leaves in the wind
No matter how hard I try
I can never win
Need to keep my feet on the ground
But I love it when your downpour swirls around
And blows me away
You blow me away

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I really like the chords/melody in the prechorus. They move things along smoothly! The conflicted voice is really clear, too. I like the images you offer, like the one of trying to clean your glasses when it's raining (I've been there). Cool work!

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I think it works well as a mic position. Good song too.