NYC, the anarchist jurisdiction

NYC, the anarchist jurisdiction

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Liner Notes: 

As the lyric said, I woke up and heard that attorney general barr and the dep't of justice has called NYC (along with portland or and seattle, i think) 'anarchist jurisdictions'. Crazy talk, of course, and as a NYC resident, I had to provide an answer.



Woke up to the news on my phone
I learned something previously unknown
You might it’s is a lie, some sort of fiction
But New York city is an anarchist jurisdiction

the department of justice under Barr’s direction
I guess they started to do an inspection
Something must have happened that made them insist
That all of NYC was anarchist

I walked outside, fearing for my life
Those anarchists causing trouble and strife
Saw someone with a bag, I began to fear
Till my doorman said, ‘the mailman is here’

(actually it was a woman, said hello to me , scary stuff that federal government! Someone 3000 mile away puts a fifty cent stamp on a piece of paper, and a few days later, its travelled by plane, truck, railroad and on foot all the way to me! Socialism!)

Went outside heard the gunfire and bombs
Well actually just a stroller pushed by a mom
Pushing her anarchist baby to the park
To plan a revolution before it gets dark

From an open window heard some commie propaganda
Maybe in the house was bernie sanders?
It was NPR talking RBG
and her love of opera- ooh wee!
down the block, came the sound of looting
or maybe it was one of those antifa shootings?
Turns out that all that shouting sound
Was the three-year olds in the playground

Went into a store, thought the shelves would be bare
From the looting and rioting everywhere
But the trouble was just at a minor boil
Seems they had just run out of truffle oil

(What’ll we do.. such depravation…!)

So after heading home in this dangerous town
With its dangerous sights and dangerous sounds
I’ll make this hear little prediction
Only an idiot would call this an anarchist jurisdiction

(c) M. Skliar

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Arlo Guthrie moved to the Upper West Side? You make fine hay of this absurdity.

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I was going to say Woody Guthrie (Talking Dustbowl Blues). I mean the language, the satire, the inflection... I could legitimately hear him singing this, and that little laugh at the end... I'm going to choose to believe that was him... highly amused at this wonderful creation. NY represent! Oh, and you and I listen to the same radio programs! Still have to write my "I Heard It on NPR" song someday.

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A great song and great lyrics. Such a crisp and clear guitar and such skilled talking vocals. Very impressive. Truffle oil was an inspired line. So sorry you have to live in an anarchist stronghold in New York but just hold on and once there is a new Supreme Court appointee all will be surely made Right.