Can You Still Remember December?

Can You Still Remember December?

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Can You Still Remember December? (50/90 Challenge)

Liner Notes: 

For some reason, my inner critic, Sally, whom I successfully silenced for most of this challenge, is back with a vengeance ("Will people appreciate these lyrics or hate them, or worse, find them offensive? Is the music interesting enough?" Shut up, Sally!) I know all the tips to try to silence the inner critic, but they don't always work. That's why writing hasn't been as much fun lately. I know I'll complete the challenge though so at this point it's just cranking out those last few. Luckily I've written quite a few songs I'm very happy with, so if the last few aren't that great, then so be it.

Anyway this is my theme song for 2020 and it's sort of a sweet, musically simple one. Did I get the title right?


Can you still remember December
What it felt like to look forward to a new year
You probably resolved to get out more
Living it up with loved ones or pursuing a career

Now it's been six months since dreams had the power to come true
I think we'll all have PTSD before this year is through

Can you still remember February
Laughing at the early toilet paper hoarders
Looking at China, saying we felt sorry
As if we weren't speaking obvious last words

Can you still remember the beginning of March
That first time you went into a public place
Told you could no longer hold your loved ones in your arms
And everybody had a T-shirt covering their face

And I think of all the babies just learning to walk and talk
And I think of all the children just learning how the world works
Will they have worries and disturbing dreams about scary viruses
And sudden catastrophic shutdowns for the rest of their lives?
Well I'm an optimist, so I like to think
That maybe what they'll take with them is to never take anything for granted
Like most of us did for our whole lives before this

Can you still remember December?
And do you think you'll remember this 20 years from now?
And when you do, will it pick you up or push your spirit down?
Can you still remember December?

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Oh yeah this song lyric hits me between the eyes. Last December for me was already a lot more life-changing (career switch) than most. The progression of the months is in sync with mine. Toilet paper, then TV's, bicycles, etc. Take that Sally!
Side note: I named my inner critic Joe, wrote a song about him and painted an unflattering semi-abstract visualization. Also wrote another song from his POV, just to be fair. Prolly more due for me.