Sleeping Calculator'

Sleeping Calculator'

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Liner Notes: 

I'm seriously late entering my song but I spent under an hour creating it, another hour finding an image and I didn't get to start composing some hours after the theme was announced, not even when I said I was starting as I needed to do many other things. But better late than never. With this in mind I'm posting it now. Looking forward to listening/reading tomorrow which is effectively today but later, it's 00:41 in London,

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This has a lovely restless quality to it. It work very nicely as film scoring, or as a stand alone piano solo. I enjoyed listening to it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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This was certainly worth waiting for! Truly beautiful!

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This does have a restless vibe........almost a clock tick-tocking in the rhythm that's like frustratingly watching a clock that isn't going anywhere restlessness, yet still tranquil somehow hahah
Really great write!

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Has the feel of not being able to sleep - delicately intense, and also quite lovely.

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Love the "calculator" piano rhythmic playing, somewhat reminiscent of Philip Glass and the minimalist style. I always like the confident touch you have on the piano! I enjoyed listening to this piece.

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I imagine the clock ticking as one tries to fall asleep, and being somewhat unsuccessful. I like tjeff's analogy to Phillip Glass. Nice one, Nadia

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This is special. It is rich in intensity and atmosphere. You really captured the feeling of trying to get to sleep.

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What I get from this is sleep as a deliberate, calculated act. As an effort of responsibility, sleep as work rather than rest. That hits home and reminds me of Philip Glass, Koyaanisqatsi in particular

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This is beautiful Nadia! It has a gentleness but at the same time a kind of drive as it plows ahead! It makes me think of a strong but gentle mother guiding her child lovingly but persistently! I enjoyed my listen!!

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Always worth the wait. I love the way this rolls about like restless sleeping. Intense and intriguing. This would work well over some dramatic cinematography. And 00:41!! Get some sleep.