Owl mama's lament

Owl mama's lament

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Liner Notes: 

Quick three-chord wonder written in half an hour for the Sunday skirmish. All resemblance to people living or half-dead (with exhaustion) is not even a little bit coincidental.


Eight years ago and counting
I had a little kid
and I will tell you hand on heart
- best thing I ever did.

We're way past tiny baby
he's growing big and tall
but there's one thing that hasn't changed that drives me up the wall.

Oh, I was born an owl
like to stay up well past dark
so tell me, Mother Nature,
did I have to have a lark?

Around the mark of 1am
I'll drag myself to bed
sometimes it's more like two or three
before I rest my head.

He wakes up just past 5am
sometimes he wakes at four
I'm lucky if the clock chimes six
before he's at my door.


I'm not ashamed to tell you
the thought that keeps me sane
I'm holding out for teenagehood
when hormones melt his brain.

He'll want to stay in bed then
until the morning's gone
but I'll be shaking him awake
before the crack of dawn.


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Our son was always an early rise, but at fifteen he is suddenly impossible to get up in the morning. Your hope may be realized... good luck with that Wink

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ha ha - tis the way of the world - timing is everything! nice one!

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Been through all of this and you've captured it so well. I enjoyed this so much!

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This is really pretty! Love that guitar and your strong vocals! The chorus melody and words are just delightful! You being an owl and your baby being a lark is just a brilliant turn of the words! This is a really awesome song, skirmish or otherwise!

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Clever and fun lyric and nice bouncy music and melody - Like the owl and lark idea in the chorus.

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Those liner notes crack me up!!
And the song is a delightful complaint about a dilemma I had never considered before. I’m in the owl camp too, and I’m feeling your pain (and giggling at your fantasy of the future). Come to think of it, this is exactly what I experienced when I did some weekend sitting. I thought Monday would never come!

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I can sooooooooooooooo relate. When hormones melt his brain! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love every bit of this. <3

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Ahh memories of our grandson as a toddler bounding into our room bright and early, then as a tween and teen when he visited would sleep later than we did.

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Oh my I knew I'd like this just from a liner note read..........really cracked me up, and you exceeded my expectations hahah!

that's a great 3 chord bounce! the owl/lark bit is brilliant, but yeah it is the way of things hahah Smile

that last verse is great too, I'll be rooting for you after his brain melts! hahah, you can set a 4am alarm, wake him up and then just go back to bed yourself Wink

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Fantastic story! So much that I'm sure almost everyone can relate too, I definitely can. My kids were early-birds when they were young, and one still is. I'm also up early, but my wife loves to sleep late. Your lyric brought back so many memories for me, thanks!

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Lovely melody so beautifully delivered, even if just a few chords and the flow of the music, your guitar strum pattern, and your gorgeous vocals are superb. The story is so very relatable! Luckily for me I am both a night owl and a morning person as is my youngest son, now 19. He has always gotten up at the crack of dawn, even in his teen years. Makes me happy - as does your response to this sleep skirmish!

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Very witty and authentic. I like the way the story develops ending with the teenager verse. Owl and lark is a good contrast.

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Ha ha, this did make me chuckle. I have been through this and my boy is now a teen where his hormones have melted his brain.
The guitar playing very sweet and your vocals are amazing. I just hope you’re not to tired to do more songs!!

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I really like the comparisons you make and this is very amusing. I can certainly relate and this has a whimsy to it that is delightful. Great vocal and the melody chugs along nicely. I enjoyed the guitar playing as well. Half an hour song? Great job!