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Liner Notes: 

A song about insomnia.


Sleep, you left me
And I was left
Searching for you
In the darkness

I’d look for you
At two am
Wondering when
You would come back

You and I were together
Cushioned in slumber
I relied on you
You never let me down

I don’t know how
We were torn asunder
But I know I
Miss you now

I miss you now

It’s nearly light
I’m weary from the
Nightly fight
Of old battles

It’s nearly light
I’m exhausted already
It’s nearly time to
Pretend I’m OK

Pretend I’m OK
In another day

Without you

And I miss you so much
I need you so much
I am lost
Without you

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johnstaples's picture

This is pretty! Lovely piano and your vocals are very strong and emotive! I like how the song is about missing sleep but also works so well for missing a person! Nice work on the skirmish!

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Sweet piano and love these lyrics! Super good skirmish!

corinne54's picture

Like the ruminative piano and lyrics, as if drowsy, but not giving in to sleep. Very expressive, emotive performance.

barbara's picture

That’s a clever way to treat insomnia, as a relationship failure. Tender and forlorn, your piano and vocals are both sensitively delivering the feeling of loss. I’ve been there before and it’s a true form of suffering. Great skirmishing!

dzd's picture

really nice take! missing that long lost love named sleep! excellent!

love this performance too, that piano and vocal delivery is amazingly full of emotion and just the perfect touch for this.

Donna Devine's picture

What an interesting perspective: a love song to sleep. Smile I enjoyed the intense performance, and can relate mightily to the theme. I'm speaking as a former insomniac, but - thank goodness - now no longer, thanks to 5-HTP and CBD oil (both natural products). Wink

mikehex's picture

The acute, passionate desire for sleep that comes after going without it is agonizingly like love, yet I wouldn't have thought of doing this. Really great response to the theme.

musicsongwriter's picture

I love the way you are treating the prompt. Very original and likable idea. Love the jazzy vibes and the love feel in your song. Very pretty.

Zeekle's picture

Awesomeness! Your vocals have a haunting, lonesome vibe whilst the piano slides along. Very dark smokey late night jazz club feel. The way you have mixed the sleep/love story is brilliant.

katpiercemusic's picture

Love the darkness to this. It's such a simple thing, but so effective. And I feel this song very personally sometimes.