While Mother Nature Is Asleep

While Mother Nature Is Asleep

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Liner Notes: 

This is a mash-up of the Sunday skirmish prompt 'Sleep' and my turn in morph 4. A morph is a songwriting game to change 50 percent of the prior song. I kept most of the lyric by @lowhum *44476
which was a morph of @kahlo2013 *44366
which was a morph of @wacha *43835
which was a morph of the seed song @mikehex *43104 who is next to morph this song.

I added a few lines to meet the skirmish challenge. First thing to pop in my head was the title. I couldn't replicate the music but was aiming for keeping the feeling and general theme. Late start however, this was written and recorded in an hour.


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While Mother Nature Is Asleep

where is the love
For mother nature
where is the love
show me
While mother nature is a sleep

Ocean tides giving beaches a global kiss
Sea breezes on our faces and our lips
We’re living sweet but treating her bitter
Being heavy metal collectors non-stop pollution transmitters


Because we need a global perspective
Sun plays the drums earth plays the bass
We’re all connected
Leaves (trees) play the woodwinds Branches play the strings
Mankind’s time is a blip through an epoch of days
Birds sing
is there time to be amazed

While mother nature is a sleep (repeat 4x)

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This is really pretty Andy! Sweet guitar strumming and picking! And I am so on board with the message in your lovely lyrics! This line "Leaves (trees) play the woodwinds Branches play the strings" is so nice! Great work on the skirmish!

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This sounds wonderful, Andy, and it has a strong message. I love your use of language in this.

mikehex's picture

Great take on the skirmish, plus there's so much stuff here for the next person in the morph to work with... I'll get right on that Smile

coolparadiso's picture

interesting one - it does have a sweet pretty feel. nice message in there!

corinne54's picture

Especially love these lyrics, and the chorus melody is particularly catchy. Nicely done, Andy

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Love the collab aspect here and it works really well for the skirmish, too! Very nice work!

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Sneaky! You're a master multi-tasker.
I wholeheartedly agree with every word in this song. <3
I like the picking guitar parts.

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I love your line “Ocean tides giving beaches a global kiss” - a nice morph from the original. Giving various aspects of nature a musical part to play in the whole is another metaphor added by you to the existing that I enjoyed a lot. Nice fingerpicking, and a nice contrast between verse and chorus feel. And of course you are quite the master at dual-purposing skirmishes!

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really love the mother nature band! I had an argument.......well I let some idiot talk anyway once, arguing that nature doesn't have a melody, I don't think he'd ever listened to wind in trees, or waves, bugs buzzing, infinite etcs' ......... Biggrin this is a great melody and performance too, multi tasking the skirmish as well hahah, nice Wink

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A poignant lyric that I agree with 100%. Hopefully we humans will all figure that taking care of our planet is pretty important! Some great lines, and giving different parts of nature a part in a global "band" is a great idea!

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Very good lyrics, I like the 'living sweet but treating her bitter' contrast. Very nice guitar and vocal delivery. Very interesting take on the Sleep challenge.

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A very nice tune with an excellent message. I love the line “Earth plays the bass”. I get that earth rumbling picture in my mind. Guitar picking is wonderful. You have a unique style of story telling over music.