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Liner Notes: 

This is sleep alright. But it's not your ordinary sleep. It's 1990s NES sleep in 8-bit colors. Watch out for that pixel dragon driving a box car!

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Well, this is some very pretty 1990s NES sleep music (and 8-bit colors is all you really need anyway, right?) Love that change at almost minute #1! This is so damn fine I could easily expect to hear it in a video game! Makes me wanna go fire up the old console and dive in! Great work on this skirmish!

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Puts me in mind of staying up all night as a teenager watching movies and playing video games, passing out around 4am while a friend takes a turn saving the princess. That was some good sleep...

Great track Smile

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Pixelated nostalgia all wrapped up in a neat package! Very nice work. And a sleepy vibe to it as well for sure!

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The march that kicks in at ~:44 sounds like victory Zelda music. My sis and I played the Legend of Zelda for an entire summer. Was it on NES or SNES...? No matter. I DIG THIS. It's a good sleep sound. Dreams aren't always dark, spooky, and weird, now are they? Smile

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man this brought back sooo many FF and DQ and zelda dreams hahah I still have my original 8bit from 86, I had recurring spy hunter song dreams hahah, still pissed off about that ending to this day after having to memorize every pattern in that thing hahah......might be time to dust it questions needed I know it still works with some blowing and some slapping, they don't make electronics like that anymore hahah

this was great fun!

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Lovely in its video game-esqueness. The first section is very lullaby-like, and the remainder sounds like a theme song. Good writing/arranging!

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Wow this takes me back. Its always cool when the day job overlaps songwriting!

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The intro section put me to sleep then the second section woke me up again! Fun.

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Wonderful energy coming off and and out of the beginning section. Wonderful contrasts and transitions. The interplay or electronic layers works really effectively. Very enjoyable!

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Love it. I get the image of my character going off to sleep (killed) in the first section and then respawned in the second to do battle/race once again. Great stuff. The sounds really brought back memories of idle times playing video games.

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Wow, you managed to include so much in the piece. Lots of dramatic shifts and very clever chord and key changes.

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The different sections in this piece spin such a story! I get the image of falling asleep and having a crazy dream about adventuring through the world of an 8-bit video game. Very nostalgic, and very fun - awesome work!