No Sheep

No Sheep

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Liner Notes: 

Well I know now 2 hours working on one single thing is my limit......started out really liking this and have grown to hate it already Smile

Will have to see tomorrow

basically a rendering of my morning already Smile


Lay awake dreaming of sleep
One sheep, two sheep
No sheep for this Bo Peep

Toss around
Too up to go down
Thoughts toil and toil
Quit stirring
This simmering boil

No sleep on the horizon
Fuck it....
Go get something done

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I am immediately loving that guitar strum! Lovely melody! And your lyrics describe my experience precisely! I love that last line and have done it many, many times! This is really cool!! Great work on the skirmish!

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Holy f***, that guitar is frickin AWESOME! All the noise in the background like what your brain does when it will not shut the hell up.
The lyrics are simple, but pack a HUGH punch. "No rest for this Bo Peep" is great! "Fuck it..." Truer words have never been spoken.
I dig this. Smile

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Bwahahaha! That guitar comes barreling in like ten tons of "fuck it, let's get something DONE!" Great response on the skirmish

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really good - captures the flavour really well. those voices in the back - perfect! plenty in these lyrics nice one!

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The guitar is fantastic and so is the song and performance. The lyrics are sharp and to the point!

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I love the lyrics and oh, that noise in the background is so real and relatable... The intro is great, too. I hope you come back round to liking it because it's great!

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Love the title. The acoustic guitar is so cool in your arrangement around the other sounds. Some cool lines, I love "dreaming of sleep" and "no sheep for this Bo Peep." You dialed in an awesome electric gtr sound and the slides are awesome.

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I was sure glad when this continued beyond the lyrics posted! It keeps getting more crazed feeling as it goes on. There’s a new revved up feeling from a second (?) guitar (a slide?). That and those panned voices kind of put this in a type of odd reality where lack of sleep takes you. Love the foundational guitar theme and that amazing sound and cadence!!

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The music and the creative use of vocals and percussion and various effects really drive home the feeling of insomnia. Great marriage of music and lyrics. Love your guitar and vocals on this - great groove.

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Brilliant! That guitar is so crisp and clear. Those booming bass drum kicks really drives this along as it gets more frenzied with all those noises. Give it a day or two and you’ll like it again, who wouldn’t?? Great song.

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Great lyrics, 'this Bo Peep' is very clever. The guitar is really nice to listen to and the drum is spot on.

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A dzd folk tune? Or perhaps just an acoustic grunge tune. I like a lot. The lyrics are brilliant - & describe something I think we all can relate to. Well, this bo-peep needs to get some sleep before the sheep trample & creep Wink

I especially like the distorted 2nd guitar. It's a great counter-point to the main acoustic. Great stuff!

See You In The Shadows…

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Great one, the percussion hits hard and goes well with the lyrics and overall tone, nice hits at the end.