Just a Minute

Just a Minute

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Liner Notes: 

skirmish topic was sleep, so I grabbed some of the recent dreams I can remember and tried to put them together into a song. Bad idea, even for me. This is more incoherent than usual, and long, and... well... it's a skirmish.

Five vocal tracks (one singing, two beatbox, two whistling), one guitar.


Just a minute more, I’m not ready to get up
Just a minute more, you know I don’t sleep enough

And there’s something I just caught on the edge of the dream
And I need a little time to figure out what it means
It was very important, and if I had to bet
Something I need to remember or make sure to forget
There were fires in the distance and a siren in the street
And the trees and fish were dying and we ground them into wheat
But the room has gotten darker and the sun has gotten colder
And I know I’m supposed to hurry and you’re shaking at my shoulder

Just a minute more, this was the start of the end
Just a minute more, there was someone waiting I need to see again

They were going to tell me what we needed to know to fix the problems that all started about a month ago
And I know I didn’t tell you but let me explain, you see it isn’t really real except it somehow remains
But there’s a woman who I love only something is wrong, She turns into a nightmare if she stays here too long
And the shadows all are watching us and some of them move, but I put them in my pocket so they’ve got nothing to prove

Just a minute more, I think I almost saw her face
Just a minute more, I feel like everything’s just about to fall into place

But we’re really in a hurry now the clocks winding down but I’ve left my keys and tickets all the way across town
And I try to take a taxi but they don’t ever stop I run through a sea of faces for a couple of blocks
I’m standing on a corner in Pakistan and Lou is there with me waiting for his man
There’s a fire in a train that’s coming down on the track, his man walks off the platform all dressed in black
We gamble on the seashore using tiles and rice and the fish come to the surface to give us advice
But the odds they want to offer are a little too long, and the Sirens all get angry and they break into song
Lou and Frank dive and start swimming away and though I’m trying hard to listen I can’t hear what they say
The ocean starts to boil and enough is enough
This is a thorough disaster so I guess I’d better wake up

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I don't think this is incoherent at all! Rather, it is an accurate capture of dreams in general! The music is dreamy too! And I can always agree with that line "Just a minute more"! I'm always resetting the alarm. Nice work on the skirmish!

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I agree with John. This isn't incoherent. It's flowy like dreams tend to be. And yes please, just one minute more!!!
I want to know the advice that the fish gave...
Dreams are amazing. I can remember vivid details of my dreams as well. Never thought to put them to music, but maybe I should...

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I really love all of these little vignettes of dreams and can relate to the issues in many of them as well as that angst of having just the bits and fragments left, leaving us with a feeling of uncertainty.. there have been times where I try to go to bed the next night and get a dream back from fragments I can remember. Your delivery is great - I like the flow of the melody a lot and the chord progression moves it along well.

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more coherent than real sleep deprived so really good for the song. its like 3 acts! nice one! i really like this!

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Very col, dreamy song. I think the way it jumps from subject to subject is fantastic. I’ve had dreams like that and they make no sense when you wake up but were totally reasonable whilst dreaming. The whistling just adds to that surreal feeling. Brilliant

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Any incoherence here is a feature, not a bug - this is exactly what that space between dream and sleep feels like. Wow, the whistling and beatbox tracks are a genius addition - I never thought a whistling track could add so much and yet it does! Really great work.

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Good song start and skirmishes for me are about experimentation and going with the first thought. Lots of material to work with here. Liking the wild kaleidoscope of images, mood shifts in the refrain, and that guitar sound is awesome.

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wow very dreamy indeed! and more coherent than most of my dreams hahah
some really amazing writing here.......screw those fish! they have no good advice! hahah

man putting shadows in your pockets hahah that's excellent as is all of this! Lou and Frank dive in and swimming away, excellent! is this a prequel to where is my mind? hahah he was intrigued about those fish too Smile

the never ending build in those vocal tracks are really, really great and give this whole thing a lot of building tension as does that guitar, was it getting louder? or was that just my imagination hahaha
nope, this was a great idea........you've had some gems so far this summer, but this is my favorite Biggrin

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The guitar captures that just on edge of a dream feel. Love the lyrical bits and pieces of dreams and the certainty if you just had a minute more, you would know what they're all about. Very nicely done!

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I love this!!
You have the wild dream logic thing down, and the rhythm and melody of the fragments, with its growing rushed feeling are excellentvat creating that sense of urgency that is so commonly a factor in dreams.
But then I truly love the moments of landing back on the hook, and the pause. That is a payoff moment every time. I love that bit of melody.
Very impressed with the way you wove these tracks together into a very unique sound. Downloaded for more listening later.

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Glad you posted! This reminds me of what could be a recitative section from a rock musical theater piece, something you might have heard in "Rent" or "Spring Awakening."

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This is good, I'm glad you mentioned the whistling vocal in the liner notes I couldn't work out what instrument it was, it's pretty close to a recorder of flute. You have been very skilful in transcribing dream sequences into lyrics.

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Very interesting, original feel in your song. Cool take on the skirmish prompt.

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You're so close to 50 - go for it!
I love how this captures the feeling I have a whole lot of mornings when that alarm goes of - barely awake, still dreaming, not even quite sure where I am.
Such a cool array of sounds you have here, and vivid dream-state lyrics. I really dig this one. And a bonus Lou Reed reference - yeah!