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Liner Notes: 

another echo-ee thing with a pinch of lou and iggy I guess inspired by all those homely songs and situations


you might be as wild
as half a phoenix
drum to the tigers
it's a very slow moon

someone will ride a comet along
to take his circus home

it's home where we travel light
it's home after midnight
it'd home to be wandering to
we are home just enjoying the view

a body needs a star to make it move
and some soul to make it groovy
the moon is high the earth is low
it's a place to go

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What a lovely, mellow listen. I like the jazzy chords in the verses and the rock chords in the choruses. I do hear some Lou and Iggy in the vocals. Great words too, big ideas presented unassumingly. Cool stuff!

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Glad to have listened to this. You create a solemn mood.

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I caught an element of latter day Scott Walker in your voice which is really good and the whole song is a great listen...